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The center initiated its activities in 2009 as a "Parasitic and Fungal Diseases Research Center" and continued its activities, focusing on epidemiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of parasitic and fungal infections. Research activities related to other infectious diseases and emphasis on basic studies along with clinical trials, were parts of mission of this research center. The center were renamed as "Basic Sciences in Infectious Diseases Research Center" and was approved by Ministry of Health in 2013.

Background and research priorities

1- Conducting basic researches on the pathogenesis of infectious diseases.

2- Improvement of diagnostic techniques of infectious diseases through designing of new diagnostic kits.

3- Basic researches on treatment of common infectious diseases in the region.

4- Researches on detection and characterization of anti parasitic, anti fungal and anti bacterial activities of herbal extracts, essential oils, synthetic materials, and novel derivatives for designing of new drugs.

5- Analyses of drug resistance mechanism in parasites, fungi and bacteria.

Top Five Articles


1-Sadjjadi SM, Mikaeili F, Karamian M, Maraghi S, Sadjjadi FS, Shariat-Torbaghan S, Kia EB. Evidence that the Echinococcus granulosus G6 genotype has an affinity for the brain in humans. International journal for parasitology. 2013 Oct 31;43(11):875-7.


2-Shirian S, Oryan A, Hatam GR, Daneshbod Y. Mixed mucosal Leishmaniasis infection caused by Leishmania tropica and Leishmania major. Journal of clinical microbiology. 2012 Nov 1;50(11):3805-8.


3-Agholi M, Hatam GR, Motazedian MH. HIV/AIDS-associated opportunistic protozoal diarrhea. AIDS research and human retroviruses. 2013 Jan 1;29(1):35-41.


4- Sarkari B, Naraki T, Ghatee MA, Khabisi SA, Davami MH. Visceral Leishmaniasis in Southwestern Iran: A Retrospective Clinico-Hematological Analysis of 380 Consecutive Hospitalized Cases (1999–2014). PloS one. 2016 Mar 4;11(3):e0150406.


5-Zamani L, Mirjalili Bb, Zomorodian K, Namazian M, Khabnadideh S, Mirzaei Ef. Synthesis of Benzimidazoles in the presence of nano-TiCl4. SiO2 as antifungal agents and Tautomerism theoretical study of some products. Synthesis. 2014; 62:3.


6- Pakshir K, Rahimi Ghiasi M, Zomorodian K, Gharavi AR. Isolation and molecular identification of keratinophilic fungi from public parks soil in Shiraz, Iran. BioMed research international. 2013 Jul 15; 2013.