The wide range of infectious diseases, especially on parasitic and fungal ifnections has lead to extensive research for treatment and control of these diseases around the world.
Synthesis of new drugs, derivatives, chemical compounds essential oils and herbal extracts which used in traditional medicine are major reason for evaluation of antimicrobial activity.
Now a day molecular techniques did used for identification classification, phylogeny, epidemiology and susceptibility etrological agents and diagnosis.
Our scope and area of research activities are mainly as diagnosis classification, phylogeny, antimicrobial susceptibility drugs, nanoparticles and other compounds on fungi, parasite and bacteria by conventional and molecular methods as well as preparation of antigens, specific antibodies, diagnosic kits and vaccines.
Our center consisting of specialists in medical parasitology mycology and microbiology have a close relationship with dermatologists and other scientific research center, college of veterinary, agriculture, and other sciences.

Basic sciences in infectious diseases
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